Institutional Sales

Andrew Manchee

Senior Institutional Sales


Andrew has worked in Financial Markets for 30 years. He began in Research at BZW/ABN Amro before moving to Derivatives. He worked on the Sydney Futures Floor and then as an Institutional Equity Option Advisor. Andrew then moved to Trading, covering both individual stock and risk portfolio facilitation. A dedicated Proprietary Trading role followed. After 12 years with BZW/ABN Amro, Andrew moved to Citigroup as a Proprietary Trader for 5 years. Since then, Andrew has focused on adding value with highly regarded market insights to Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds and Professional Traders. He was most recently at BTIG for over 8 years.

Andrew brings to PAC Partners solid relationships with leading Portfolio Managers and Traders. His diverse background gives him a reputation for adding value in the Large/Mid-Cap space. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Sydney.

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