Case Study - Global Energy Ventures Ltd (ASX:GEV)

February 23, 2021

Global Energy Ventures Ltd (ASX:GEV) is an early mover in large-capacity compressed hydrogen shipping that will be required to link future cheap renewable power-sourced H2, with emerging distant users of carbon-free energy. GEV has recently announced a hydrogen facility to be built in the Tiwi Islands, off the Northern Territory, in close proximity to Singapore, Japan and Korea.

GEV is well placed to help provide tailored and cost-effective solutions to remote fields by linking stranded gas to demand centres with its CNG Optimum shipping. Where methane is used in combined-cycled power to displace coal, there are savings of ~30% in CO2 and SOX emissions. CNG Optimum is less carbon-intensive than LNG liquefaction and re-gas processes. Unlike pipelines, GEV’s ships avoid stranded infrastructure, move upon field depletion; this can enhance project debt funding capacity.

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