Case Study - BCAL Diagnostics Ltd (ASX:BDX)

June 7, 2021

BCAL Diagnostics Ltd (ASX:BDX) is a healthcare company developing a non-invasive, low-cost and blood-based diagnostic test to detect breast cancer for every woman. Statistically, mammograms (x-ray of breasts) can be painful for women with varying levels of accuracy, hence more than 50% of women self-exclude themselves from testing. With more than 2 million cases of breast cancer a year resulting in ~627,000 deaths, BCAL fills this niche with extensive expertise in diagnostics and testing.

Whywe like BCAL Diagnostics:

  1. High Efficacy. As a stand-alone diagnostic for all women, the BCAL test has strong (initial) efficacy of 91% sensitivity and 87% accuracy across a broad range of breast cancers. This compares very favourably against mammograms which are generally only effective as a diagnostic tool for older women (>40)
  2. Path to a Large Market. BCAL has a strong clinical pathway to very large target markets; initially targeting Australia, USA and Europe. There are >2m new cases of breast cancer diagnosed annually with 627,000 resulting deaths; with the diagnostic market valued at ~US$5 billion in 2019 (CAGR of 7.3%)
  3. Quality Clinical Evidence. BCAL has quality clinical evidence which has been validated in Australia & the USA.  Breast surgeons have reviewed the data allowing BCAL to take the test into clinic trials at RPAH, NSW BreastScreen and Lifehouse
  4. GenesisCare Global Partnership. In May 2021, BCAL partnered with international cancer & cardiac care company, Dr Brian McNamee-Chaired GenesisCare (in 2019, KKR invested $200m for 20% holding), to act as Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) for BCAL through clinical trials programs in Australia, Spain, the UK &     USA. The partnership also includes the commercialisation, regulatory approvals & market entry points for BCAL’s products – it’s very rare for a company at BCAL’s stage of development to secure such a broad partnership with such a significant global partner
  5. Opens New Markets. Via its targeted roll-out strategy, the BCAL test opens new markets to breast cancer screening (hence, future revenue), for example:
  1. Women <40 with higher breast density (currently rely on self-examination for     primary screening)
  2. Women who have previously been diagnosed with breast cancer and require annual     screening &/or those with the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene
  3. Women who self-exclude for religious or other reasons, noting that mammograms     can be painful procedures (which often leads to self-exclusion)
  1. Higher Combined Efficacy Driving High Adoption. The BCAL test will initially be a complementary test which, together with a mammogram, will provide a very high combined efficacy with minimal additional cost to the patient. BCAL is not seeking to re-train clinicians to undertake an alternative, disruptive test to the gold   standard.  It is anticipated that will lead to high test adoption
  2. No Specialised Lab Equipment Required. The equipment required to undertake a BCAL test is standard, unspecialised equipment that most laboratories (internationally) already operate
  3. Existing Reimbursement. Reimbursement pathways for a breast cancer blood test exist
  4. Platform for Future Expansion. BCAL’s platform technology (exploring blood lipid profiles in cancer)     provide future expansion opportunities into other indications, including     prostate & lung cancer
  5. Strong IP Portfolio. Strong existing & lodged patents with focus on broadening out the IP portfolio
  6. Strong Chief Scientist. Dr Amani Batareh (magna cum laude La Roche College, Pennsylvania + Pacem in Terris Scholarship for academic excellence; PhD Georgetown University, Washington; post-doctoral studies Harvard University, McGill     University & Wollongong University)
  7. Experienced Board.  Jayne Shaw & The Hon. Ron Phillips (sold Sydney Breast Clinic to Healthscope), Mark Burrows (CSFB banking veteran, multiple past ASX10 Chair roles), Jonathan Trollip (Propel Funerals, Kore Potash, ex-Freehills Partner) and Dr Merilyn Sleigh (EvoGenics, Clover Corp, Tyrian Diagnostics, AdAlta, Peptech, CSIRO)

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